About Elite Respite Care

We are Elite Respite Care the disability equality in Australia.We provide practical information and emotional support when it's most needed, campaign relentlessly to create a fairer society. We have a mission in providing excellent respite services for disabled people in Tasmania and Victoria, we provide enjoyable experience to people by giving them the opportunity to participate in a range of recreational activities of their choice.

 why choose us?

Many of the outcomes that we drive towards incorporate:

  • Developing life skills and supporting an individual to reach their full potential

  • Gaining qualifications and work or educational experience

  • Sharing experiences with friends and family and building the confidence to meet new people or have a relationship

  • Finding a house or a place to live

Access to assistive technology and support

We can help people access a range of assistive technology and technical support. For example:

  • Use the alarm on a mobile phone to remind people to take their medication

  • Make use of epilepsy alarms and other listening devices

  • Support safety beams on some residential windows

  • Develop ‘communication passports’ using iPads and other tablets for individuals who can’t verbally communicate

Making Information Accessible

By adopting the ‘information for all’ standard, we provide information that is accessible and meaningful to each individual. We always, of course, consult with the people close to them to check the accessibility of all the materials we produce.

A Trusted Service
Our reputation and resources enable us to provide a strong support structure to our teams of

local professionals.

We are able to offer the best of both worlds to the Accountable Feedback

people we support. They have the assurance and stability that comes from a trusted national provider and the local knowledge and expertise of people who are already part of the community.

Safe Recruitment

As part of our commitment to our Protecting Clients from Harm and Recruitment Policy, we ensure that all our applicants go through a thorough recruitment process in accordance with, and in addition to, nationally prescribed and regulated frameworks.

Every person who joins our team undertakes a National Police Check and Working with Children Check enhanced disclosure and requires a minimum of two verifiable references.

We endeavor to have very high employee retention rates in comparison with other providers. We value our employees, offer continuous development opportunities and recognise the contribution they make. We conduct ongoing supervisions, monitoring and personal dialogues with everyone in the team.

Staff Matching

We know that getting along and genuinely sharing interests and hobbies is important, so we always try to make sure our support workers are a suitable match to the people they support.

Feedback is important to us and we record all the compliments, comments, views and complaints we receive from the people we support and those important to them. We call this understanding

‘what’s working and not working’. To us, learning what works and what doesn’t is vital in shaping the high standard of support that we deliver. As well as a transparent, open and unbiased feedback procedure, we measure the quality of our services through:

  • An annual survey completed by the people we support, families, our staff, service commissioners and other professionalswe workwith

  • Inspections by our regulators

  • Our own internal quality audit

  • Service user forums

    Regular family consultation meetings