About Elite Respite Care

We are Elite Respite Care the disability equality in Australia. We:

provide practical information and emotional support when it's most needed

campaign relentlessly to create a fairer society. We have a mission in providing excellent respite services for disabled people in Tasmania and Victoria 

we aim to provide accurate and comprehensive information in the form of a brochure, pre-admission visits and service agreement. To be given to both people using the service and their carers. Thereby ensuring people are informed of all aspects of the service.

To maintain and promote peoples independence and well- being by ensuring personal plans and risk assessments are formulated in consultation with both the person using the service and their carers.
To provide an enjoyable experience to people by giving them the opportunity to participate in a range of recreational activities of their choice.

To maintain constantly high standards of service through the process of continuous monitoring, evaluation, development and participation with clients and carers.

Optimising support that leads to the fulfilment of meaningful outcomes

We believe in the power of activity to drive meaningful outcomes for people.

This approach improves health, happiness and wellbeing. We explore each individual’s capabilities and identify the daily tasks that they could do for themselves so they can stay active in a way that suitsthem.

By setting smart objectives and building confidence and self-esteem, we empower them to do as much as they can themselves. This means they can develop the skills they need to live the life they want, stay safe and only receive support and assistance when it is required.

Many of the outcomes that we drive towards incorporate:

Developing life skills and supporting an individual to reach their full potential

Gaining qualifications and work or educational experience

Sharing experiences with friends and family and building the confidence to meet new people or have a relationship

Finding a house or a place to live

Access to assistive technology and support

We can help people access a range of assistive technology and technical support. For example:

Use the alarm on a mobile phone to remind people to take their medication

Make use of epilepsy alarms and other listening devices

Support safety beams on some residential windows

Develop ‘communication passports’ using iPads and other tablets for individuals who can’t verbally communicate

Making Information Accessible

By adopting the ‘information for all’ standard, we provide information that is accessible and meaningful to each individual. We always, of course, consult with the people close to them to check the accessibility of all the materials we produce.