Vision, mission and values

Our vision

We won’t stop until we achieve a society where all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness.

Our mission

We’re a strong community of disabled and non-disabled people with a shared vision of equality.

We provide practical advice and emotional support whenever people need them most.We have a mission in providing excellent respite services for disabled people in Tasmania and Victoria

Our values

We care, nurture and respect each other and help you to achieve your goals. We hold our values highly in providing our respite services with excellence in care

Our beliefs

We believe in the power of activity to drive meaningful outcomes for people.

This approach improves health, happiness and wellbeing. We explore each individual’s capabilities and identify the daily tasks that they could do for themselves so they can stay active in a way that suitsthem.

By setting smart objectives and building confidence and self-esteem, we empower them to do as much as they can themselves. This means they can develop the skills they need to live the life they want, stay safe and only receive support and assistance when it is required.


What makes us Elite


We are ambitious and determined to drive change. We focus on how we can make the most impact. We innovate and strive for better, pushing ourselves and our boundaries.


We are single minded in our desire to achieve equality. We are bold, challenging the status quo, ourselves and each other. We are not afraid to fail fast and learn quickly.


We connect and collaborate internally and externally, to create a fairer society. We listen and share, tapping into the expertise of others.


We are transparent about what we do and how we do things. Creating supportive, accessible environments – building trust with each other and our customers to achieve more.


We make sure everyone has a fair chance. We value and respect each other’s expertise and diversity. We take responsibility for what we do and support each other to succeed.